An Overview On workplace discrimination

workplace discrimination

workplace discrimination singapore depends on specific prejudices and happens when a worker is treated negatively based on orientation, sexuality, race, religion, pregnancy, maternity, or disability. Assuming that you treat someone contrastively because they have various qualities for different individuals on the team, you can act illegally. Direct discrimination happens when someone is treated less well than other workers. For example, the worker can finish the job, but you refuse him as you think he should start a family soon.

Direct discrimination can also happen when you pay someone not exactly different representatives out of the blue, you select specific workers for ostensible repetitiveness because of protected qualities, you fail to make sensible changes to a deficient specialist, you fire someone for making discrimination allegations, or you unreasonably reject a request for adaptive work from another parent. Indirect discrimination happens when certain standards or guidelines put specific individuals on the team in a difficult situation. For example, if you required all workers to work on Sundays, this should have been visible as victimization for Christians who think of it as a day of love.

workplace discrimination singapore

Steps Bosses Can Take to Ensure They’re Not Segregating

As a company, you must be proactive in preventing discrimination if you want to stay in the right half of the law:-


Avoiding discrimination starts even before you use someone. You also need to ensure that all newbies are treated with something similar – give them a similar arrangement of questions and stay away from questions that fall under protected qualities, such as asking if they intend to start a family soon.


Establish an equivalent open-door strategy. This should spread the word about protected qualities, immediate and indirect discrimination, and what is and is not a suitable job. It will shape the foundation of a safe and respectful workplace for your reps and can fundamentally lessen the risk of you coincidentally victimizing the team by helping the team understand your expectations. By having this strategy set up, you are, from now on, showing them that you are a conscientious boss who trusts an equivalent open door and will ensure they are undeniably treated decently.


Educate your workers about discrimination and let them know what your agreement is about it. Keep in mind niceties for your business agreement and worker’s handbook in case you have one. Preparing for discrimination can also shape a part of your onboarding cycle so that representatives know from the start at customs.

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