5 Things Checked During a Property Inspection Before a Resale

A thorough inspection of the entire property is the most crucial step in buying/selling a resale building. Remember that all resale properties have gone through wear and tear. To ensure the fair market value of the property, a thorough inspection by building inspectors Christchurch is sone. Whether you are buying or selling a property, here are the important things being checked.

Structural Integrity

A building’s structural stability is a very important factor being considered during an inspection. This ensures the prolonged lifespan of a building. Inspectors will look for damages on the base, walls, roof, and floors. Structural problems can be a sign of bigger issues that need to be fixed before the property can be sold.

Roof and Attic

The roof will be thoroughly inspected for leaks, missing or broken shingles, as well as other signs of damage. The inspector will also ensure that there is proper insulation, airflow, and no signs of infestation in the attic. The roof and attic contribute to a safe and cozy building.


Inspectors pay close attention to two things when inspecting walls – cracks and paint. Cracks on walls may not be harmful but can be a sign of wear and tear in older buildings. For newly constructed houses, cracks mean the developer did not use high-quality materials. Inspectors also look at the paint. Any chipping or cracking is not a good sign. This only means that the property needs a thorough repainting job, which can be a costly problem for new property owners.

Electrical System

Buildings should have their electricity systems checked before a resale is closed. This will ensure that it meets safety standards. This will also give the new property owner peace of mind that everything is working as expected. During the inspection, the inspector will look into damages or wear in the wires, outlets, and electrical panels. They will also ensure that the electrical system can handle the load and is properly grounded.

Plumbing System

It is part of the resale inspection to allow plumbers to inspect the system for leaks, clogs, and signs of rust in the pipelines. Also, the plumber and inspectors will make sure that the water heater works and meets the safety standards.

Before selling or buying a property, these five areas should be thoroughly inspected. Any of these that are not working properly can lead to a costly repair in the future. That is why before a resale, ensure to get the property thoroughly inspected, regardless if you are the seller or the buyer.

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