Six Best Cleaning Service Providers In Singapore, 2022

Six Best Cleaning Service Providers In Singapore, 2022

In a work-oriented busy city like Singapore, people end up spending a minimum of 40 hours per week at their offices and workplace. So, the energy to keep up with the household chores is really difficult. Most of them tend to be way too exhausted to do to even finish basic cleaning tasks.

So hiring a part-time maid or using professional cleaning services Singapore is one of the best solutions to this lifestyle. Also, leaving the household tasks in a professional’s hands tends to provide more time with our family after work. One can also recharge themselves and focus on growing and building one’s self better, by getting more free time and space. And thus, live an energetic life.

So, let us look at 6 top companies that give us these benefits with top-notch qualities

  1. Life Cleaning Service

Provides cleaning experts with the most hygienic cleaning equipment. It is known to be the best professional cleaning service, in Singapore. They offer services at childcare centers, warehouses, retail shops, F&B settings, medical facilities, offices, or research establishments, and guarantee 100% satisfaction with the best disinfection standards.

  1. WHICHSSH Home cleaning service

Known to be an Eco-Friendly service provider by making most of their products from biodegradable plants like corn, sugar, beet, and potato.  The company’s products are certified by EU Ecolabel’s stringent environmental requirements and Singapore National Environment Agency’s safety standards. Their crew is well trained and is also child and pet friendly.

  1. Helping Singapore

This company is known for its Reliable and high-quality cleaning service. It provides an efficient and secure booking system with dedicated home advisors.

  1. Home Cleanz And Laundry Services

Known to be the most popular and largest cleaning provider in Singapore with an additional task or ironing and window cleaning. the company also offers a variety of house maintenance services like carpet shampooing, curtain laundry, and many more.

  1. Comfy Homes

The company specializes in interior and exterior housekeeping services. From cleansing floor to laundry and dusting, they have got all covered. They provide Hassle-free one-time spring cleaning service with convenient booking and an easy-to-use website. Also, if not satisfied with the work, the company arranges a free one for the customer.

  1. Fresh Cleaning 

This company aims to provide the best of the best-trained professionals to help one out in the necessary household jobs with modern and advanced cleaning equipment. The website also provides efficiency in booking an appointment with just 3 steps.

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