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Brand Activation

Marketing is all about the cutthroat competition that works better than your competitors to grab and win maximum market share. The highest priority for companies is to excel in their fields and achieve this; Companies must go beyond conventional standards to plan, create and present innovative advertising ideas that fit their brand and satisfy them in a way that brings their customers closer to their product.

For any marketing strategy to be successful, it is important to anticipate the long-term possibilities of a product. Brand management is more important than increasing sales, although the former influences the latter.

Brand activation is a marketing process that aims to bring a product to life by creating a brand experience. A brand’s core characteristics or core values ​​are used to activate the brand. It is important for every product manager as it communicates its brand values ​​to its target consumers. Only one or two core values ​​or product features need to be selected for activation. The reasonable and unambiguous use of brand activation will go a long way in expanding the market for your product.

Brand activation helps your business gain popularity and customer trust. Companies can expect significant sales and customer loyalty increases by interacting directly with target customers and giving them a first-hand product experience.


The two main steps involved in brand activation in general are:

Moving above the line

Above-the-line promotions help brands reach large numbers of people through channels such as radio and television. A typical example of such activities are the hundreds of commercials that appear daily on television. They help spread the word about any particular brand or product in the market, which helps to activate the brand and target consumers. But while inline promotions can reach a mass base and help build product awareness, they lack direct customer interaction, which is bad for any business. Customer loyalty and trust go hand in hand and are equally important, which can be addressed.

Advance below the line

Below the line promotions are activities that encourage customers to engage and engage directly with a brand. It will help sell the product directly to people and get valuable feedback about the product. Some great ideas for down the line promotions are roadshows, special events, and other dealer-related events. Such events are a great incentive not only for direct marketing but also to increase brand trust. Read more at

By using below-the-line promotions, companies can convincingly and directly demonstrate to their target customers that their product is the best in the industry. Consumers can get product samples where they can see for themselves that claims made in radio and television advertisements are, in fact, true. If a product is as good as claimed, this is the company’s chance to prove it.


Underline promotions are more effective in increasing sales than above-line promotions in brand activation campaigns.

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