How to Get a Loan Approved with a Bad Credit Score?

How to Get a Loan Approved with a Bad Credit Score?

Getting a loan approved is a nightmare. However, it is not over within a few moments. If your credit score is bad, the process is even more laborious. You need to knock on many doors before getting a loan approved, and there is no guarantee of loan approval. But usually, it is during emergencies that we need to get a loan, and that too instantly. Some companies overlook your credit report and approve Guaranteed instant loans for bad credit. However, the interest rates might be high, and the rules after that might be strict.

While getting such instant loans ensures that you will soon be able to repay them, or else things could take a southward turn. But since you are in dire need, here are a few things you can do to get the loan approval.

Show Some Proof of Income

This is the first step to making the lender trust in you that you have the potential to pay the loan. Your income will be the source by which you will be able to pay 0off the loan in the future.

Find The Problem with The Credit Score

Guaranteed instant loans for bad credit

Did you know that sometimes, not taking loans for over some time or never taking a loan could affect your credit score? If this is your first time taking a loan, there is no proof for the lender to say that you will pay the loan regularly. Hence the low score. However, this can be mitigated by talking to the lender clearly about it and stating your reasons.

Find A Guarantor

If the lender feels you are not trustworthy enough and don’t have the credentials for a loan, ask the help of a parent, friend, or a well-wisher who could sign as the guarantor for the loan. In which case, on defaulting, they might have to spend it out of their pockets.

Lower Your Loan Amount

If someone is willing to offer you a loan lesser than you expected, you should take it. If not, ultimately, it might help you reduce the burden somewhat. Also, you can apply for another loan for the rest.


Getting a Loan approved is a long and tiring process. Today, the advent of instant guaranteed loans is a life-saver for many. This said, be wise in your spending and care about what you ask for a loan and how you spend it. If you are in urgent need, opt for a loan and ensure that you have proof of income, a guarantor can bail you out when things go wrong, and you are ready for a higher interest rate.

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