The Ultimate Guide To What’s App Business API

What’s App Business API

With over two billion users, WhatsApp isn’t only the most popular messaging app for interacting with friends and family. WhatsApp is rapidly being used by businesses to engage with their consumers on their preferred platform.

Medium and big enterprises may use the whatsapp business api to communicate with their consumers all over the world. While gaining access to the API used to be difficult, there are now a plethora of solution providers who make it simple for businesses of all sizes and budgets.

What do we understand by Business API term?

Generally, there are two methods to manage a company using What’sApp. First is we use free app of what’s app business which connects seller and customers, but this app limited to fours users at a time i.e. only four devices can be used to contact customers. This app is right choice for small shops.

Let us now discuss the major WhatsApp business API component, which allows companies to receive and respond to unlimited WhatsApp messages from their consumers. We may think of it as a link between WhatsApp and a professional team messaging app. Businesses connect to an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider using the WhatsApp API endpoint.

whatsapp business api

How does this program works?

First, we choose a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider then apply for what type of business format you want then after approval from WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, set up a business profile & purchase a subscription then verify your business phone number, connect your API and boom go live. The API (Application Programming Interface) costs a subscription fees from the business and further WhatsApp charges a fees per conversation.A conversation begins when a corporation contacts or replies to a customer’s initial message and lasts for 24 hours. The discussion cost covers any conversations made or received within the 24-hour service window.

Yours Business Profile through What’s App Business API

As soon as customer saved your contact or find it on your website the account is instantly identified as a business account when you sign up for WhatsApp Business. These, unlike conventional, private accounts, include a company profile for branding purposes.Customers who wish to have a service with you will see your company name and logo at the top of the window screen, even if they do not have you stored as a contact.When click on the profile, the relevant information of your Business show’s up and if you are global enterprise or big company then What’s app gives you a green tick which means official account.



As we know it’s the most popular messaging app in the world and poised to grow more and more. Which also leads businesses to expand from many options like this one. The rate of opening a message is 98 percent as compare to email which is 20 percent. Therefore What’s App Business API is the right choice for your growth of business, you just need to find the good WhatsApp Business Solution Provider.

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