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Vessel Chartering

Chartering is an activity in the shipping industry where a ship-owner hires their vessel use to a charterer. In many cases, the charterer might own cargo or find a ship through a shipbroker to deliver the cargo for a particular price. The specific prices are called freight rates. There are numerous vessel chartering companies in singapore but finding the right one for your business is no cakewalk.

When you have complex projects that require the movement of huge pieces of machinery across the seas and lands, it can be a huge logistical nightmare. Planning vehicular transport is tough enough. To add to your worry, you are required to possess the right and complete official documents. Additionally, to avoid delays in the project, you also have to meet deadlines on time.

vessel chartering companies in singapore

What can you do in a situation like this?

The situation described above is enough to make a person dead worried. The one thing you need is a long-term, reliable, and end-to-end logistical solution i.e., vessel chartering. With the best vessel chartering companies in Singapore, you can start complex offshore services and projects without any hitch in the way. It is your only and most reliable way for transportation with everything planned, official papers, and the procedures kept under check.

Finding vessel chartering services

You will find plenty of vessel chartering services in Singapore, but picking the right one makes the difference. If you are unable to decide on one, don’t worry as you got covered with Halcon Primo Logistics. With the company, you don’t get a transportation service only but also get a turnkey solution supported by 18 years of global LCT vessel chartering expertise.

When you choose the company for vessel chartering, you remove every last-minute scramble that comes in the transport. The equipment will have a timely arrival according to the schedule, allowing you to fulfill the needs of your clients. You can leave the movement part of the project on Halcon Primo Logistics and focus on the core operations of the project.

Expect end-to-end services

Unlike many LCT vessel chartering companies in Singapore, the services provided by Halcon Primo Logistics don’t end at the asset arrival. Instead, you get a holistic solution with a broad range of services targeted to your every single need of transporting equipment.

It doesn’t matter what kind of vessel chartering requirements your company has, whether in Singapore or overseas, Halcon Primo Logistics ensures that the project gets completed within time.

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